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Adilsons Arena Showdown

Get ready for the ultimate showdown this weekend at Phoenix Mall Metro Market! Adilsons is hosting the Arena Showdown, a spectacular event packed with anime, gaming, and tons of fun. Here’s everything you need to know:

Saturday, 2nd March

New Arrivals:

  • Anime Products: Discover the latest in anime merchandise, including items from popular franchises making their debut in Mauritius.
  • Games: Dive into strategy and RPG with "Dark Souls" and "Dungeons & Dragons", and explore our selection of family games like "Betrayal at House on the Hill", Monopoly, and Cluedo editions.
  • Collectibles: For the ultimate fans, we've curated collections featuring Anime Heroes figures, Care Bears plushies, and exclusive Club Mocchi Mocchi items.
  • Puzzles: Challenge yourself with Among Us and Animal Crossing puzzles.
  • Special Surprise: Only for event attendees – don't miss out!

Tournaments & Activities:

  • FC24 PS5 Tournament: No entrance fee. Prizes: Original Football Retro Kit + Rs1000 voucher for 1st, Rs750 for 2nd, and Rs500 for 3rd.
  • TCG Tournaments: Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship (1st Prize: OTS Playmat, 2nd 2 OTS Pack, 1 Field Center, 2 Booster Packs + 1 LART, Participation 1 OTS Pack) (Toppers Invited by Konami for the World Cup Qualifiers. 1 of you can win a full sponsoring by Adilsons to travel to Europe for the World Cup Qualifiers in 2024.
  • One Piece Card Game (1st prize: Premium Card Collection Red Edition worth Rs2700; entrance fee Rs400 with a Rs400 voucher back).
  • Sellers Alley: Featuring Manga Express, Reecreates, Nycto Weebs, The Sora Brothers, Pixelart, Mysra, Exumbra Art: If you want to join as artist or seller for our next event, click here to register

Sunday, 3rd March

More New Arrivals & Surprises: The excitement continues with additional anime products and games, plus another special product category surprise for attendees.

Competitions & Screenings:

  • Pokemon Scarlet Violet Tournament on Switch: Prize - Plushie Pokemon worth Rs750.
  • Tekken 8 Tournament: We're thrilled to announce the first Tekken 8 tournament in Mauritius! Fight for a cash pool of Rs12,000 (1st: Rs6600, 2nd: Rs3600, 3rd: Rs1800).
  • One Piece Episode 1096: Live screening at 2pm.
  • Cosplay Contest: No entrance fee or registration needed. Prizes: Adult category - Rs1000 cash; Kids category - Rs1000 voucher.
  • TCG Tournaments: Yugioh Speed Duel (1st prize: Exclusive Crimson King playmat worth Rs2500)

Creative & Fun Corners:

  • Artist Corner: Sakura Blossom Henna Application, Henna Anime Logo Designs, DIY wooden coaster painting, glass painting, Pyrography, customize your anime merch (shoes/keychains etc), and manga drawing & coloring.
  • Fun & Kids Corner: Enjoy face painting, drawing, Henna Tattoos, anime trivia, and building block challenges.
  • Sellers Alley: Featuring Yue Yuu, Mysra, Kyky Otaku, Nycto Weebs, Reecreates, The Sora Brothers, Circumference, M. Jaspe_Boutique, Pixelart: If you want to join as artist or seller for our next event, click here to register


  • Quizzes, Karaoke, Flash Mob: Join in for more fun.
  • TCG Yugioh Junior Tournament: For ages under 12, with prizes including Yugioh Structure decks and tins for winners.
  • Demo Day: Learn YuGiOh with our Ceo Anas Ramjaun
  • ICS: Buy and sell singles with the Adilsons Yugioh Community.

Exciting Update:

  • Gifts for the First 10 Participants Each Day: Be among the first to arrive, and you'll be rewarded with exclusive gifts that celebrate your enthusiasm.
  • Exclusive Adilsons Merch for Quizz and Activity Winners: Participate in our quizzes and activities for a chance to win unique Adilsons merchandise, adding an extra layer of excitement to our event.

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable weekend at Phoenix Mall. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, an anime enthusiast, or just looking for a fun weekend activity, the Adilsons Arena Showdown has something for everyone. See you there!

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PS: Register here for FC24, Tekken 8 and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tournament