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You have questions? We've got answers or at least that is our hope. There are questions that get asked a million times a day (well at least once). Here's a few and our best guess, I mean answer. However if our best guess wasn't good enough you can (and should) still contact us @ if your question isn't on here, our Anime-zing staff will love to hear from you!


QUESTION: What is Adilsons?

ANSWER: We have traditionally been known for trading card game in Mauritius, especially for yu-gi-oh! however, we are now offering anime, pop culture and even original merchs. We also run various contests and tournaments like drawing, painting, digital art, light novel (essay style), quizzes, cosplay, anime edit, meme creation, Collectors awards, Pokemon Showdown, Duel links tournaments, Tekken, CODM, Treasure Quests or at times we organise giveaways.

QUESTION Where is your shop located?

ANSWER: Our address is as follows: Citadelle Mall, Shop 12, Sir Virgil Naz St, Port Louis, Mauritius. We are on the parallel street of La Rue Deforge Street with a significant landmark nearby St Louis Cathedral and Masjid Markazi.

You can find us on google map

You can read this blog article here for more details to come to our shop with starting point La Gard Victoria or La Gard du Nord.


QUESTION: How to contact Adilsons?


1. General Inquiries about products availability & details.

First, we advise you to check on our website itself as we update them, else, Contact us on Instagram and Facebook

We have a dedicated team who handles all those DMs daily.

2. Yugioh tournaments 

Reach out to our Manager Mr Dooshyant Conhye (alias Oreo) on Whatsapp at +230 5913 5374 or join our TCG anime news Whatsapp here

3. Inquiries about your order which you placed online

Whatsapp our sales team on +230 5778 2336. Since this number is used by the sales team at the store, they will get back to your either whenever they have free time during the business hours.

You can also call us on this number +230 5778 2336 but if we are busy we a client on spot, it will be difficult to answer. We are working to fix that.

4. Anything else? 

Email us at


QUESTION: What are the opening hours of your shop?

ANSWER: Monday to Thursday: 10.00am to 4pm 

Friday: 10.00am to 12.00 pm and 02.00 pm to 04.00 pm (Closed for Lunch time: Noon to 2pm)

Saturday: 10.00 am to 02.00 pm

Sunday: closed (open for tournament days only if there is)

Public holidays: closed

QUESTION: I have come to your shop in the normal opening hours, but it was closed. What to do?

ANSWER: First, please note that we are closed during lunch time and on public holidays. If that’s not the case, we apologize. Normally when we are taking holidays, we usually send communications via emails and social media posts like on IG/FB Feeds or even stories. Moreover, we also update our google business page info. So it is always a good idea to check those two account before coming. We normally take holidays during the two Eid festivities approx. 1 week each on top of any other holidays. If ever, none of this is applicable and we are closed, probably there was an emergency and we forgot to update on the social platform. Kindly call on +230 5778 2336 and we shall give you clarification. 

QUESTION: How can I order from Adilsons?

ANSWER: There are two ways. The simplest is to come to our shop in Port Lois, select your products and pay us in cash there or by MCB Juice (no card payment)

The other method is you can place your order via our website.

QUESTION: I am confused at checkout; I see many payment options and delivery. Which one to choose?

ANSWER: First you need to select how you are going to pick up those goods. Are you picking them? No extra charges applied.

For delivery, you select DME and you will see all the details for delivery.

QUESTION:  Do you deliver across Mauritius?

ANSWER: Yes we deliver across all Mauritius at a flat rate of Rs150 per order. Delivery time varies from 2 to 5 days at the moment depending on your location.

Second, choose whether you will pay us online or offline

QUESTION: What is the online and offline payment?

ANSWER: Online payment is payment via MCB Juice, while offline payment would take place outside our website. Examples of offline payment options available are MCB Juice transfer, MyT Money, Cash on delivery.

QUESTION: Which payment options you advise us?

ANSWER: We prefer that you pay by MCB Juice for the time being, while at store, we prefer cash.

QUESTION: I cannot come immediately but I want to secure my product. What should I do?

ANSWER: Make an order online and make a payment to reserve your product.

QUESTION: Do you have another shop other than in Port Louis?

ANSWER: Currently, we have a shop only in Port Louis. Very often we do temporary pop mart at different malls for example Tribeca Mall, La City, Trianon, Grand Baie La Croisette, Grand Baie Super U, Caudan Waterfront, etc...

QUESTION:  Do you take custom order? Because I want a product that is not listed on your website, can you provide?

ANSWER: We can take your request and bring the products should it be easily available. However, we sell only stock items. We do not take confirmed preorders at the moment. Check it here

QUESTION: What type of tournaments do you hold for Yu-Gi-Oh! and how can I participate?

ANSWER: We are currently holding Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments regularly. We have several tournaments. Our Yu-Gi-Oh! Adilsons League is held over 1 year with 12 monthly tournaments. You can participate individually or in teams.

Our National tournament is held in during July (previously mid December). It is the most prestigious tournament which attracts a large number of duellists. We have participants from other countries from time to time. One of the past winners was from Reunion Island. Our Grand Champion is an invitation-only tournament which comprises of past winners and special invitation. If you are in, then you are among the Elite duelist in Mauritius. Recently, we have been holding it during July.

The Adilsons Legend is a face-off match between the winner of the Grand Championship and the National winner. Recently, we have also been holding online tournaments and new face to face tournaments. Best advice we can give is for you to join our Yu-Gi-Oh! Whatsapp Group as the duelist day trade cards and it’s the place for up to date info about tournaments. We have a slight delay to communicate on the other platforms as the community is so engaging there, that we tend to forget the wider public in Mauritius.

QUESTION: When are the next Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments? I want to participate

ANSWER: While we attempt to hold monthly tournaments, for most accurate information, it will be available to our regular members who are in our exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! WhatsApp Group here:

Also, we regularly update all our events, contests and tournaments here:

QUESTION: What are the rules and regulation for the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments?

ANSWER: We follow official Konami tournament rules for all OTS TCG tournaments. As such, you cannot use high copy cards but you can use foreign cards as long as you can provide the translation. We do not accept OCG cards unless we are running and OCG tournament.

We will update a tournament section on our website soon, but whenever each tournament is announced, we will post an event on Facebook with its corresponding rules and regulation. It can vary as we hold non-OTS tournament as well like the previous Grand Championship which was a highlander traditional one.

QUESTION: Are your trading cards original?

ANSWER: We sell only original TCG cards at Adilsons. moreover, as from 2019, Adilsons is got approved by Konami an Official Tournament Store for yu-gi-oh!

The first in Mauritius.

QUESTION: Do you sell individual cards? And take request for individual cards

ANSWER: We have temporarily discontinued this service but we provide this platform whenever we host our tournaments or some sales point we invite people to come to sell their cards. However, we are looking for ways to implement it again ourselves. We advised you to join our Yugioh WhatsApp group to trade with our members who are doing so daily. With some cards selling in thousands of rupees, it can prove to me an interesting side income for some.

QUESTION: When will new Yugioh release by Konami reach the Adilsons shop?

ANSWER: Our objective is to have all new release on the same international release date by Konami. however, at times, the custom clearances in Mauritius delays the availability by a few days 4-6 on average. 

QUESTION: Can I reserve for a new release like for Yugioh product?

ANSWER: Actually, we encourage you to pre-order your new release or any trading card products. Contact us on +230 5913 5374. Once a product is released is over is difficult to obtain at same normal price but nowadays, we have a situation where production cannot keep up with demand even for new releases. See what happened for PS5. So, to secure your product, make an advance payment once the product is available on our website. Normally, we shall upload it 1 month before its official release date. 

QUESTION: When are the next contests like Anime Edit or Drawing contest etc?

ANSWER: We host or attempt to host monthly contests online. It varies each month. You can check our contest page which is frequently updated. You can check the ongoing contest here 

QUESTION: I want to join your various groups and anime club, where should I go?

ANSWER: We have various Whatsapp groups, 20+ and counting, and even a discord server which is rather inactive compared to our Whatsapp group. You can see all the various link here

QUESTION: Do you guys sell metal Katana?

ANSWER: Yes, we have a large variety of metal katanas. Tap here!