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Ohayo fellow Otaku,

If ever you want some clarifications about anything, probably it is covered in our Frequently Asked Questions which we update regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

However, if you feel that you still need to contact us, here are the best ways to do so as we have various people who handle our social platforms:

1. General Inquiries about products availability & details.

First, we advise you to check on our website itself as we update them, else, Contact us on Instagram and Facebook

We have a dedicated team who handles all those DMs daily.

2. Yugioh tournaments 

Reach out to our Manager Dooshyant (alias Oreo) on Whatsapp at +230 5913 5374

3. Inquiries about your order which you placed online

Whatsapp our sales team on +230 5778 2336 and give us your order number for reference. Since this number is used by the sales team at the store, they will get back to your either whenever they have free time during the business hours.

You can also call us on this number +230 5778 2336 but if we are busy we a client on spot, it will be difficult to answer. We are working to fix that.

We will give you a dedicated number just for pre-ordering soon.

4. Anything else? 

Email us at or submit this form below