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Adilsons Manga Drawing Contest

Before scenes get animated, they come in the form of pages and panels. And that’s exactly the task for this contest: you’ll be doing a manga page!


This contest is open to participants of all ages and from anywhere around the world. Whether you're a budding artist looking to showcase your talent or a seasoned illustrator, you are welcome to join in the artistic adventure. There are no geographical limitations, and both amateurs and professionals can participate. We encourage artists of all backgrounds and experience levels to take part and unleash their creativity. However, for participants under the age of 18, please ensure you have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.

Event Duration (UTC+4)

- Submissions: 25th December
- 30th January
- Public voting period: 1st February
- 14th February
- Jury voting period: 15th February - 28th February
- Results: 1st March

Contest Highlights

- Traditional art only; no digital art will be accepted.
- Draw only ONE page.
- The page should have a minimum of 3 panels.
- One submission per participant.
- Paper size: A4. Paper and materials used are chosen at your discretion.
- You can include as few or as many characters as you like as long as the actions executed are clear and readable.
- No nudity. This platform is open to all ages; respect your peers.
- Not necessary but it is advised to sign your work.
- Participants under 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.


Winners will be announced by the 1st of March, 2022, on our website and social media channels. If you are one of the lucky winners, you can claim your prizes starting from the announcement date by presenting a valid proof of identity, such as an ID card or bus pass. Depending on the number of participants and your placement, you will receive Adilsons vouchers or acrylic keychains as outlined in the rewards section. We will make every effort to ensure a smooth prize distribution process, and detailed instructions will be provided to the winners.

Up to 150 Participants

1st Place: Rs750 Adilsons Voucher
2nd Place: Rs500 Adilsons Voucher
3rd Place: Rs375 Adilsons Voucher
Honorable Mentions:
Most Popular (by public voting): 1 Acrylic Keychain
Most Promising Talent: 1 Acrylic Keychain

151 to 250 Participants

1st Place: Rs1000 Adilsons Voucher
2nd Place: Rs650 Adilsons Voucher
3rd Place: Rs500 Adilsons Voucher
Honorable Mentions:
Most Popular (by public voting): 1 Acrylic Keychain
Most Promising Talent: 1 Acrylic Keychain

251 to 350 Participants

1st Place: Rs1250 Adilsons Voucher
2nd Place: Rs 800 Adilsons Voucher
3rd Place: Rs 625 Adilsons Voucher
Honorable Mentions:
Most Popular (by public voting): 1 Acrylic Keychain
Most Promising Talent: 1 Acrylic Keychain

Above 351 participants

1st Place: Rs1500 Adilsons Voucher
2nd Place: Rs1000 Adilsons Voucher
3rd Place: Rs750 Adilsons Voucher|
Honorable Mentions:
Most Popular (by public voting): 1 Acrylic Keychain
Most Promising Talent: 1 Acrylic Keychain

FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

Terms and conditions

• Submissions of the following nature will be removed by our staff: illegal content, content that does not conform to the original setting, works that plagiarize or defraud the work of other creators and works with no relation to the contest.
• All entries submitted during this contest must be original works of art created by the same party entering them for submission. Submissions of plagiarized content shall be considered invalid and will constitute grounds for disqualification from all categories of the tournament. Adilsons encourages creative expression and originality and shall not tolerate acts of "rebranding" or alteration, in any shape or form, of existing copyrighted content.
• Adilsons reserves the right to cancel and/or invalidate any entry at any point during and after the contest period; if such a decision is made, the party assuming ownership of such work shall face immediate disqualification and shall be illegible for entry in any further competitions hosted by Adilsons.
• Parents and guardians of children participating in the competition are requested not to provide any assistance outside of the provision of raw material; such standards encourage honesty and build character.
• All submissions must be kid-friendly; hentai and other content which may violate this standard shall be illegible for entry in the tournament. The following points must be strictly adhered to: -no genitalia can appear in the artwork, however indirectly -breasts, if present, must be adequately (at least 50%) covered and nipples must be absent from view -no overly suggestive sexual poses shall be tolerated -bikinis must not reveal any impressions of covered body parts While these points are not exhaustive, a rudimentary sense of discretion is expected from all submissions.
• The judging panel shall preside over the evaluation of all the submissions. Their decisions shall be final and binding; in entering this event, all participants agree to respect and adhere to the decisions made by the panel. Attempts to challenge any decision made by the jury shall constitute grounds for disqualification.
• All works of art surrendered to Adilsons during the event shall become the intellectual property of Adilsons and will be retained indefinitely. Adilsons claims the right to use such submitted articles for the purpose of exhibitions, promotions, training, research, commercial ventures, advertising, and any other role they see fit.
• Adilsons will promote all artworks on its social media platforms and may opt to oversee a dedicated web page for each participant who submitted the original artwork.
• Participants should write their full, legal name in the contest form, as this will appear in all certificates and accreditations which may follow. Signing the actual manga page is optional, but not mandatory.