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Adilsons Newsletter 2024 V.25

Adilsons Newsletter 2024 V.25

Welcome to this week's edition of the Adilsons Newsletter! As we step into July, the excitement is ramping up with the qualifiers for the Euro Tournament now complete. Our talented players are gearing up for the next stage, ready to showcase their skills and compete for glory. But that's not all – we're also thrilled to announce a fantastic lineup of new arrivals, featuring the latest anime merchandise. Whether you're a fan eagerly following the tournament or a collector on the hunt for new treasures, there's something for everyone this week. Join us as we dive into another thrilling chapter at Adilsons! 

1. New Arrival!

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Express Pencil Case

Pokemon Snorlax Plushy


Hunter X Hunter - Card Skin



2. Offers & Deals!

A free katana stand is offered with every purchase of a katana. Link of katanas here.

Step into style with our exclusive offer! Purchase 1 pair of anime shoes at Phoenix Mall and receive a complimentary LED shoe lace. Don't miss out!

Mystery Box

How to Get Yours:

Ready to claim your box of wonders? Simply click on the link to our Google Form Share your preferences and let the magic begin!

Note: Remember, our Mystery Boxes are in high demand and quantities are limited each month. Reserve yours now to avoid missing out on this exclusive experience!

Join the Adventure:

The Adilsons Mystery Box is more than just a collection of items; it's a celebration of your passion for anime and gaming. Don’t just watch or play your favorite stories – live them!


 3. Events Happening now!

We are at Phoenix Mall, Metro Market for a long period of time! You can choose to do your pick up there. The promo buy 1 anime shoes get a led shoe lace free is only at Phoenix Mall.

Discover the extraordinary at our kiosk in La City, Trianon, just steps away from Mcine! Dive into a treasure trove of unique finds and elevate your shopping experience with us.


We are now also at Mahogany Shopping Promenade! Come visit us and take a look at our awesome merch if you live in the north.


Adilsons Euros 2024 Grand Tournament: Join the Ultimate Football Showdown!

Are you ready to take your gaming skills to the next level and compete against the best FIFA players in Mauritius? Adilsons is thrilled to announce the Adilsons Euros 2024 Grand Tournament, an exciting and competitive event that brings the thrill of the UEFA Euros to the virtual world. Get ready to represent your favorite national team and battle it out for glory, honor, and fantastic prizes! Click here for more details


 YAL 12


YAL 2023/2024 ongoing! Play solo, with your team that was set since day 1, or be loaned from an already existing team! If you do not have a team, then no worries! Next season will be an opportunity for you to create one! Be sure to register your team members and team name for next YAL before the 1st day of that season starts! Make sure you're in our Adilsons Yugioh Whats App group to know more about the next tournaments! If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament manager via Whats App on +230 5904 6289 (note that this number is only for Yu-Gi-Oh! related questions in Adilsons, nothing else for Adilsons). This also applies to if you need to join the Adilsons Yugioh Whats App group. Register in our Google Form link below: Live your passion!


Euro Tournament  Qualifiers


The Euro Tournament qualifiers at Soflo were nothing short of spectacular, with fierce competition and outstanding displays of skill. Congratulations to all who participated and showcased their dedication and talent. To those who have qualified for the next stage, we wish you the best of luck! 

Cascavelle Mall

Congratulations to the winners of the Euro Tournament qualifiers at Cascavelle Mall! Your exceptional skills and determination have earned you a well-deserved spot in the next stage of the competition. To all participants, thank you for your incredible effort and sportsmanship.

Riche terre Mall

As for Riche Terre Mall despite being our first time there were many vibrant and talented players who emerged victorious. Your outstanding performances and unwavering dedication have secured your places in the next stage of the competition. 

Phoenix Mall

The Phoenix Mall qualifiers were an electrifying event, filled with intense matches and extraordinary skill, highlighting the best of our gaming community. To all participants, your enthusiasm and effort were truly inspiring, making the event a memorable one. Congratulations to the 10 players qualified!


We're thrilled to announce that we've officially opened our doors permanently at this vibrant location. A huge congratulations to the qualifiers of the Euro Tournament at Mahogany Mall. Your exceptional skills and dedication have earned you a spot in the next stage of the competition, and we couldn't be more excited to see your continued success. 



We're excited to bring more events and tournaments to our community, and we want to hear from you! Tell us which games, formats, or specific tournaments you'd like us to organize. Please be as detailed as possible in your request to help us understand and potentially bring your idea to life. Don't forget to provide your contact information so we can reach out to you for any follow-up or news about your requested event. Tap here!


Coming soon: Harry Potter Event.


4. Event Calendar!


 Event Type Event Name Location Date(s) Time
Infinite Forbidden
Premiere Event
Saturday 13 10 a.m
3 p.m
New Arrival DIY
Saturday 20 10 a.m
Duel Links
Lush Rush
Rush Duel
Online Saturday 20 9 p.m
11:30 p.m
Yu-Gi-Oh! YAL 12 Phoenix
Sunday 21 10 a.m
4 p.m
New Arrival One Piece
Merch & Katana
Saturday 27 10 a.m
FC24 FC24
Saturday 27 11 a.m
6 p.m
Tekken 8 Tekken 8
Sunday 28 11 a.m
6 p.m
Master Duel
MDYAL 8 Online Sunday 28 9 p.m
11:30 p.m

5. International Anime News!

  •  Fire Force Anime's 3rd/Final Season Debuts in April 2025 With 2nd Part Airing in January 2026
  • Omniscient Reader Manhwa Gets TV Anime
  • Hunter x Hunter Nen x Impact Fighting Game's Trailer Reveals Chrollo
  • Black Butler: Emerald Witch Arc Anime Premieres in 2025
  • One Piece TV Anime's English Dub for Egghead Arc Debuts on August 27 on Microsoft Store, September 17 on Crunchyroll
6. Customer Stories & Reviews
"Very good quality service. Item are original" - frederic feliciane
7. FAQs Of The Week!
Are katanas included in new arrival?
Yes we have a new stock that we will reveal soon
When is the Euro Finals taking place?
The Finals will start by the end of this week you can click here for more details
Where is our new shop?
A lot of you have been enthusiastic about this! We permanently open our stand at Mahogany last week, do come check it out!
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